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So.... started my senior year in school....

It's kinda surreal. Probably more so for me than over half of my friends since I've been at the same school since Kindergarten. I know so many people just want to get their diploma and scram, but me? I'm rather reluctant to leave. It doesn't really feel like I'm ready, either; I feel like I haven't changed much since I was like, 14 or something, and that's a bit worrisome to me. And there's so much crud I have to get done before the next few months are up, aieeeee TT_TT. A few years ago I was thinking "I still have a ways to go through school" and now it's gonna be over in less than a year. My biggest hope is that I don't get so stressed I end up blowing important things off.

First day wasn't so bad, I only had two major classes. Tomorrow's schedule looks kinda hellish though. Thank Goodness It's Friday.

In other, totally random news... I'm currently eating my simple dinner of natto and rice. I'm only putting it down here because for some reason I've been thinking about how many people hate the stuff. Lordy, Natto has an even worse rap than tofu among soy products, and there's LOADS of jokes and barbs that people make about tofu. It's not like people don't have a reason either. It smells foul, has a strong taste, is slimy, and as described by a comic strip I read: "looks like something rescued from a handkerchief". Even my dad, the health nut of our family, won't touch it. But I eat the stuff because, like my mother, my sister, and my cousins, after being fed the stuff since I was a toddler by my grandma, I'm used to it and have found ways of making it taste (to me) pretty darn good. Why the hell am I typing this stuff? Because I'm wondering how many people I'll meet in the future will see me eat natto, cringe and/or ask my how the heck I can eat it, and then I'll have to explain.

And holy crud, the part about natto ended up longer than the part about school, which is why I even started WRITING this post.


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